Tide pools are tiny, adaptable, resilient ecosystems, each with its own special story.

Paula approaches her work the same way. She looks for the small details and adapts to a project's circumstances or a client's needs to create something beautiful.

A natural storyteller and wizard with words, Paula Krasiun-Winsel brings messages to life. She is a community organizer, digital strategist, communications specialist, and filmmaker with a decade of experience in the labour, non-profit, movement building, and political sectors.

In 2018 and again in 2019, Paula used social media to coordinate two mass unity events that gained national media attention and created lasting solidarity. The result was felt by her local city council, and ultimately led to the backfilling of an abandoned construction site in Regina’s downtown core.

Since her graduation from Vancouver Film School, she's worked in Vancouver’s film industry and executed accessible public-facing digital campaigns for progressive political candidates, social movements, labour unions, and non-profits across Canada.
•Film production (script writing, direction, editing)
•Social media content creation
•Social media management
•Brand development
•Digital campaign strategy & execution
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